John David Ragsdale

This is about me!

Career Aspirations

This section contains some general, long-term goals for my career as well as some very specific requirements for me to see myself as a success. I will also include some less important goals as filler content. A list of my more noteable career accomplishments is included as well, for your convenience.

Political Aspirations

This section will be rather limited, because of the sensitive and secretive nature of many of my political activites. Revealing too much here might foil some of my future plans or subject me to prosecution or ridicule for some of my prior exploits. With these obvious limitations in mind, I will still try to be as forthcoming as possible.

Family Life

Most of my family, both extended and immediate are irrelevant; this section will focus on my two children. They are my minions, my prodigy, my legacy, and the reason I make it to work on a somewhat regular basis.

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